Jan 4, 2012

City of Lost Souls Cover Revealed!!!

    YEEEEEEEP! Excuse my squealing but I am literally jumping up and down after seeing the newly released cover of City of Lost Souls by the goddess Cassandra Clare!!! Earlier today USA Today revealed the cover exclusively on their website with an added prologue from Simon's POV! You can read the prologue here: http://books.usatoday.com/bookbuzz/post/2012-01-04/cover-reveal-of-cassandra-clares-city-of-fallen-angels/596348/1

Here's the cover!!

   I'm confidently assuming that this is Jace and Clary! AHHHHHHH! I love this cover!! Jace looks absolutely HOT and Clary's hair looks fantastic- I kind of feel that Clary looks older though(something I noticed in the COFA cover as well). But other than that I loveeeeee it. Man, how many times have I said the word "love" in this post?? !! City of Lost Souls is set to be released on May 8th- which is way too far away!

   In the mean time we should all vote for Clary in the YA Sisterhood Tournament of Heroines !! A few months ago, Jace  won the YA Sisters Summer Crushin' Tournament and Cassandra Clare released some great "extras" as a reward :D Right now Clary is in the finals, but her opponent will not be decided until voting between Katniss (Hunger Games) and Tessa(Infernal Devices) battle it out for a place in the finals. It would be SO great to have both of Cassandra Clare's girls in the finals! If one of these two girls wins- then Cassandra Clare will be releasing an extra scene from either TMI or TID!! Vote Bookworms! Vote! http://ya-sisterhood.blogspot.com/2012/01/match-30-katniss-seed-2-vs-tessa-seed-3.html

What do you guys think about the cover? Love it or hate it? Let me know! xo..

Your YA Bookworm,
Caitlin <3

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