Apr 16, 2012

The Calling By: Kelley Armstrong Review

The Calling (Book Two: Darkest Rising)
Author: Kelly Armstrong
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 336
Rating: 4.5/5

      Maya Delaney’s paw-print birthmark is the sign of what she truly is—a skin-walker. She can run faster, climb higher, and see better than nearly anyone else. Experiencing intense connections with the animals that roam the woods outside her home, Maya knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s able to Shift and become one of them. And she believes there may be others in her small town with surprising talents.                                                                                      
      Now, Maya and her friends have been forced to flee from their homes during a forest fire they suspect was deliberately set. Then they’re kidnapped, and after a chilling helicopter crash, they find themselves in the Vancouver Island wilderness with nothing but their extraordinary abilities to help them get back home. Plentiful action and romance in this second installment in the Darkness Rising series will keep readers enthralled to the last page.

   The Calling is the second book to #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Kelly Armstrong's Darkest Rising trilogy. I read Armstrong's other trilogy (Darkest Powers) and loved, Loved, LOVED it! I completely fell in love with the characters, plot, and oh-so-amazing romance. So when I heard Kelly Armstrong was writing another trilogy, I basically exploded with excitement. Ever since The Gathering (Book One) I've become invested in this series to.

   The Calling was just incredible. It is packed, and I mean downright stuffed, with continuous action throughout the entire book. There wasn't one slow or boring moment- making it almost impossible to stop reading. 

   My love for Maya really grew in The Calling. Not only is she Canadian (hoot, hoot!) but she is such a strong and powerful heroine. There were many events that occurred in The Calling that should have torn Maya down, but no- she focused on what she had too. I'm always happy to read about female characters that don't need to be "rescued" and can stand on their own. 

   Because, of reasons I cannot explain without spoiling anything, Rafe was absent for a majority of the book. In The Gathering, we really explored the romance that was brewing between Rafe and Maya.  But in The Calling, everything goes on hold. *Wails in a corner* ......Excuse my tears....I just really love Rafe....Since I am totally TEAM RAFE I was so frustrated to see that we might, *holds in tears* see a possible rivalry for Maya's affection. Ughhhh Although nothing has been officially said, I really think Daniel has deeper feeling for Maya. Boooo! Since book three will be the final instalment, I really hope we don't see a sudden love triangle spring up out of the blue.  Just stay away Daniel growls...Stay. Away.

   Even though I did enjoy the whole book, I really started "jumping up and down" towards the end. It seems as if Kelly Armstrong intends for characters from The Darkest Rising, to join up with the characters from The Darkest Powers in Book Three!! I can't even begin to express how excited that makes me! Armstong did a fantastic job at slowly introducing the other characters to fit with the current story. Having two bad-ass groups together in one book= pure epic-ness!

   The only small complaint I would have with The Calling,  is that it had many similarities to The Awakening (Book two in Darkest Powers). Both books focused on the groups' escape from the bad-guys. That being said, it didn't effect my feelings toward The Calling while I was reading, so it's not a major concern to me.

Favourite Quotes...

His gaze travelled down me, then zipped back to my face. "Sorry."
"Focus, Rafe."
"I am. Just on the wrong thing."


"Yes," I said "You were saved by a girl. Horrible, isn't it?"
He slid out and looked down at my bare legs. "Not just a girl, but a half-naked one. Now that's hot. If I'm still unconscious, don't wake me, okay?"


"I'm just saying it's not time for that either. We need to focus and having Maya moon over Rafe is making everyone uncomfortable."
Rafe grinned. "Doesn't bother me."


"It's a road," Corey said, pointing.
"A dirt road," Hayley muttered.
"So? We've been slogging through the forest for two days. What do you want? A six-lane highway?"


"It's a road!"
I patted his back." It's a lovely road. Now which way do we go?"
Corey looked one way, the brown ribbon extending into emptiness. He looked the other way, saw the same thing and his shoulders slumped.


   Overall The Calling is a fantastic, fast-paced sequel with the promise for an even better conclusion. If you haven't read this series before than you definitely should. I also recommend reading The Darkest Powers trilogy before The Darkest Rising- it makes this series a lot more rewarding.  Check out the book trailer below and let me know your thoughts on The Calling in the comments. Keep Reading!

Your YA Bookworm,
Caitlin <3

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