May 21, 2012

Double Fault By: Janine Caldwell Review

Double Fault
Author: Janine Caldwell
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 238
Rating: 5/5

​   In DOUBLE FAULT, Cassie and Trent's problems have only just begun as they navigate through a parallel world rot with mind blowing complexity. With Cassie's tennis career hanging in the balance, she continues to watch her world crumble while fiercely hiding a secret that might cause her to lose what's most dear to her heart.

   DOUBLE FAULT is the second installment in author Janine Caldwell's Vortex Series. I just finished reading the first book, REMATCH, not even 48 hours ago- obviously you can tell I was a little bit desperate to read book two :) If you haven't heard of this series before then hop on over to my review for Rematch here! I have to start off by saying that I literally devoured this book in one sitting! Seriously, it was me, this book, and my lovely couch- a perfect day in my opinion! And without further ado, let's get started...

   Double Fault starts off where Rematch ended- Cassie has remembered everything from her first life. Including the love of her life, Trent. Except, in this second life Cassie has lived, things are different than before. Cassie's tennis career looks promising, her parents' marriage is falling apart, and her relationship with John was a lot more serious than before. It seems as if the only thing that hasn't changed is Cassie and Trent's deep feelings for one another. 

   There was a lot more drama and intensity in this second book. Everything we once thought in Rematch kind of contradicts itself in Double Fault. It was both entertaining and excruciating! There were more than a few times were I was internally screaming "no, No, NO!" and had to continue reading to find out what happened next. Double Fault was definitely one I couldn't put down!

   Of course the most addicting part of this book was Cassie and Trent! Everytime Trent referred to Cassie as "sweet cheeks" and "my girl" heart stopped....I was great! Although, the giddiness aside, they're relationship took quite a few "hits" in Double Fault. Jeff (Cassie's ex-beau) was like one of those annoying mosquitoes that won't go away. Buzz, buzz, BUZZZ! (Remember those "internal screaming moments", yeah, they were mostly directed at Jeff...sighs...oy vey....) Luckily, I think Jeff's meddling, along with a few other events, left Cassie and Trent's relationship in a really good place by the end of the book! 

   I continued to enjoy reading pivotal points in the story in Trent's POV. Like Rematch, I think it was necessary to have this switch in narration. If we would have been stuck in Cassie's POV during her kidnapping, the book could have easily become boring. Getting to read about Trent's worry for Cassie, and see his interaction with "the gang", was a great way of keeping the story interesting. Plus, I laughed so hard when Lorelai was in the car with all those boys and she made reference to needing a bathroom for "female issues." .....I could just picture the look of disgust on all those boys' faces...I loved it :D

   The cliffhanger Janine Caldwell left us with was so good, it was cruel! While reading the last page I slowly started to connect past events to what was happening and I was left saying, "Oh. Em. Gee.!!" I'm almost convinced "the cliffhanger" was designed by authors to simply torture us readers! With such a fabulous ending I am in complete denial that I will actually have to wait for the next book, frowny face :(

Favourite Quotes...

"Are we getting close to a rest stop?" Loerlai wants to know.
"We just stopped an hour ago!" Michael protests from the driver's seat.
"Well, gee, my apologies for being the only one on this trip with female issues," she spits back hostilely.


"The Visa bill has been almost manageable lately."
"Don't you think that maybe buying things was just her way of coping with her loneliness?  Like when you both had to hide so much of yourselves; that couldn't have been easy."
"Hmm, that's quite insightful. Have you been watching Dr.Phil again?"


My eyes pop out when I catch a glimpse of how much leg she's showing. She's wearing her shortest mini skirt, the one that drives me crazy. Her legs look about a mile long as she crosses them and bobs her foot in time with the cafe's background music.
She's really trying to kill me, isn't she?


   Overall Double Fault was a great sequel! I'm almost upset that I decided to read this book so soon because now I have to wait for the third book :( Double Fault has the romance, the intensity, and the drama every good book needs- give me more!! Both Rematch and Double Fault are currently available at Amazon and Barnes&Nobles. Let me know your thoughts on DOUBLE FAULT in the comments, on facebook and on twitter! Keep Reading!

Your Y.A. Bookworm,
Caitlin <3


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