Jun 1, 2012

Immortal Hearts By: Ellen Schreiber

Immortal Hearts (Vampire Kisses #9)
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 272
Rating: 3.5/5

   Athena "Stormy" Sterling is coming to Dullsville, and Raven is both excited and panicked in anticipation of Alexander's little sister's visit. Alexander tells Raven that she and his sister have a lot in common, but can the mini-Raven be everything she hopes for? Alexander calls her Stormy for a reason.

   Stormy's visit stirs up the perfect immortal whirlwind. Raven is forced to take a good look at what it would really mean to be a vampire in the Sterling family, aside from some of the things she already loves, like shunning the sun and sleeping in a coffin with Alexander. When Raven compares her life with Stormy's, she can see that it's not all starry skies and black roses. But Raven knows she's always wanted to be a vampire.

   Alexander is as romantic and dreamy as ever, and though he keeps showing Raven how much he loves her, will she ultimately be able to convince him that it's the right thing to turn her?

   This final chapter of Vampire Kisses' nocturnal romance will keep all mortal and immortal hearts racing.

   Immortal Hearts is the ninth and final book in author Ellen Schreiber's Vampire Kisses series. For the past three or four years, I've been following Raven's world- making the conclusion very bitter sweet. If you haven't heard of the Vampire Kisses series before then you can find out more at Ellen Schreiber's website.....here! Okay bookworms, here we go....

   Immortal Hearts continues to bring us deep into Raven and Alexander's, in a word, unique romance. Alexander is Raven's dream boyfriend- kind, loving, hot and most importantly.....a vampire! Except now, Raven's fairytale of becoming immortal is questioned when Alexander's little sister, Stormy, comes into town.

   My favourite part out of the whole book was being introduced to Stormy. Unlike when we met Alex's parents, Stormy's arrival brought with her a much lighter and fun mood. Her relationship with her brother and, eventual approval of Raven made me really enjoy her character. I also loved the purpose for Stormy's character. Having Stormy come in to town allowed Raven to really see the negative sides to being a vampire. It definitely made me more content with Raven's final decision at the end.

   Of course I most looked forward to seeing Alexander and Raven's relationship continue in Immortal Hearts. As I continued to read the book, it was clear that the decision of Raven's immortality was still building a brick wall between the both of them- which is more apparently seen towards the end. The only complaint I've ever had with this couple is that we don't get to see more "steamy" scenes between Raven and Alex. Schreiber delivers their relationship in a tasteful, teasing way- making this an acceptable read for a younger audience. 

   One thing I've always loved about Vampire Kisses is how Ellen Screiber delivers the vampire world. Although not as popular as a few years ago, there are plenty of vampire books out there- all with their own unique interpretation on these iconic immortals. That being said, Vampire Kisses stays very true to the "typical vampire." And when I say typical I mean, blood-drinking, coffin sleeping, non-garlic eating vampires. All this, along with Raven's Gothic-look provide an enjoyable predictability to the series! 

   The worst part of the series had to be the final ending. *spoiler alert*  In the very last few pages, Raven and Alexander perform the covenant ceremony that results in Raven's immortality. Although I totally knew and was excited for this to happen, I felt like there were quite of few loose strings that could easily be tied up with another book. Throughout these nine books, it seems as if it was almost the same storyline repeating itself- trying to keep the vampire world a secret from the outside world. (And now that I think about it, this happened once again in Immortal Hearts when Raven's brother discovers Alex and Stormy's true identity). I almost felt like the story should have progressed quicker throughout the series, so that we could see Vampire-Raven in the final instalment. 

Favourite Quotes...

“I have had just about enough of other guys trying to turn you, Raven. There is only one vampire who will," he said confidently. "The one who you were always meant for-me.”  

"Can you breath?" he asked her, himself breathless.
"Of course I can breathe!" She looked at her brother, bewildered.


   Overall Immortal Kisses was a good conclusion to a series I will greatly miss. Although the ending was a bit disappointing, the story overall ended exactly how I always knew it should. Like I said earlier, not only is the Vampire Kisses series is appropriate for the younglings, but it is also an enjoyable read for an older audience. Have you read Immortal Hearts yet?! If so, what where your thoughts? Will you miss Alexander and Raven? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a tweet! Keep Reading!

Your Y.A. Bookworm,
Caitlin <3


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