Jun 22, 2012

Liebster Blog Award !!!

Don't mind me, I'm just doing my little happy dance, hoot hoot.........okay.....much better! This morning I was greeted by a wonderful e-mail from  fellow YA book blogger Cierra over at The Book Lover's Report, informing me she had nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! The Liebster Blog Awards are awarded by bloggers to other bloggers that have under 200 followers. I think this is such a great award because it gives "newbie" bloggers, like yours truly, a chance to be recognized! You should all definitely check out Cierra's blog, she's amazing! Thank-you Cierra for nominating me!


1. Each person/blogger tells eleven facts about themselves/ answers the questions the other blogger posted (you'll see what I mean in a minute).
2. Answer the eleven questions the tagger (blogger who nominated me) has posted, and then give eleven questions for the people you tagged.
3. Choose eleven people to tag and link to them in the post 
4. Alert them to your tagging.
5. No tag backs.
6. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 

Facts About Me!
-I'm fifteen years old
-I have a younger brother who annoys me whenever he can
-I do not function without a cup of coffee in the morning
-I have ten fingers and toes...I counted ;)
-A book needs romance to keep me interested 
-Coke is, and always will be, better than Pepsi
-Writing 11 facts about myself is surprisingly difficult
-I have an obsession with Gilmore Girls
-Guilty Pleasure: watching anything on Slice (Who isn't in love with Dance Moms?!)
-I always judge a book by its cover
-Spiders are the devil

Without further ado, let's answer the questions Cierra has for me...

1. How long have you been blogging?

I've been blogging for approximately five months now! Truthfully, it feels like I've only been doing this for a few weeks- time flies when you're having fun!

2. Where are you from?

Canada !

3. Do you have any ARCs or Galleys right now? What are they?

-Rematch by Janine Caldwell 
-NetGalley copy of Goddess Legacy by Aimée Carter

4. Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world?

Oooh this one is a toughie.... probably the catacombs in Paris! There are lots of book I've read that have taken place there-it would be cool to see them in real life ;) 

5. What made you want to blog about books?

I think what really started my desire to write about books was the fact that, a majority of the time, my friends were unfamiliar with the books I'd read. So I really needed an outlet to express myself and I thought blogging was the best way to do that!

6. What's your favorite book quote?

Aghhh...so many....but one of my ultimate favourites is: 

"For me?" Schuyler asked, awestruck by the size of the thing.
She took the card from the tallest stem.
"For Schuyler, who doesn't like love stories." It was not signed. -Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz 

7. What's your favorite color?


8. If you could talk to anybody (no matter if they're dead or alive), who would it be and why?

I'd love the chance to talk to Cassandra Clare (author of the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices)! She's one of my favourite authors....and I'm not just saying that because she's the mastermind behind YA hotties Jace and Will....no, not at all ;)

9. What's your favorite food?

I have a strange obsession with french fries....they're potatoey goodness!

10. What's your favorite book?

*Laughs* .....Oh I'd be here all day.....

11. How many books are you currently reading and what are they?
I'm only currently reading one book, Serpent's Kiss by Melissa de la Cruz. I've never understood how some people can read multiple books at a time....my brain doesn't function that well :'(

My Nominations....
The Little Pink Boutique (formally known as Enchanted Bookshelf)

My Questions For Nominees...
1. What's one word that best describes you?
2. Who's your favourite YA hottie? What book is he from?
3. E-books or Paper Copies?
4. What is the quote that makes you swoon the most? From which book?
5. What's one thing people don't know about you?
6. Favourite YA couple?
7. What is the name of the book you're currently reading?
8. If you got the opportunity to meet any author of your choice, who would it be? Why?
9. Chocolate or Vanilla?
10. Favourite Song?
11. What is the one book you could not live without?


  1. Congratulations on the award Caitlin!! And thanks for the nomination! Coke is definitely better than Pepsi; Spiders are the devil; and I'm also a big fan of Gilmore Girls. I've seen every episode like a million times over =)

    1. Well thank you- and you totally deserved the nomination, your blog is amazing :) Always love meeting other crazy fans of Gilmore Girls! Not only is it funny, but it also has lots of coffee !

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