Sep 2, 2012

Review: Iron Legends by Julie Kagawa

Iron Legends (Iron Fey Novella)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 304
Rating: 5/5

Enter the world of the internationally bestselling Iron Fey series. Dangerous faeries. Heartbreaking romance. Thrilling action and limitless adventure. The world of the fey has never been so powerful. This collection includes three novellas set in the world of the Iron Fey plus the Guide to the Iron Fey with exclusive information about Julie Kagawa's unforgettable world of Faery.

Winter's Passage

Never make a promise to a faery. They always come to collect. Now Meghan Chase must fulfill her promise to Prince Ash of the Winter Court and embark upon a dangerous journey into the heart of enemy territory—while being pursued by a relentless new foe and guarding her own foolish heart.

Summer's Crossing

What can turn enemies into reluctant allies? A call from the Exile Queen, Leanansidhe, ties legendary prankster Puck to his archenemy, Prince Ash, on a journey that may end in betrayal and will set them both on an irreversible path.

Iron's Prophecy

Before she ever knew what she might become, Iron Queen Meghan Chase was warned by the oracle that her firstborn child would bring nothing but grief. And even as Meghan and Ash celebrate their long-awaited union, the prophecy stirs.…

   Iron Legends is the newest Iron Fey novella by Julie Kagawa. The novella includes Winter's Passage and Summer's Crossing (two novellas that were previously released as e-books), as well as a new novella entitled Iron's Prophecy. I was so excited to find out we would get one last story from Meghan and Ash- and I have to say that although it's short, it definitely fulfilled my Puck-Meghan-Ash withdrawals :')

   Although all three of the novellas were enjoyable to read, I mostly bought this book so I could read Meghan and Ash's final story, Iron's Prophecy,  before The Lost Prince's release this fall (the new Iron Fey series starring Ethan Chase). After reading an ARC of The Lost Prince before reading Iron's Prophecy, I will say that I think it's essential to read Iron's Prophecy before reading The Lost Prince. Iron's Prophecy is is not just a novella, it's the transition from Iron Knight to The Lost Prince- it answers many questions that will appear in the new series!

   Apart from being a transition novella, Iron's Prophecy also allowed us to return to the three musketeers- Meghan, Ash, and Puck along with their handy side-kick Grimalkin! Grimalkin's sarcasm, Puck and Ice-Boy's jabs, and Meghan's go-get-em' attitude brings you back to the good old times! Not only was the 76-paged novella packed with mystery and adventure, but it also contained the loving romance we all adore between Ash and Meghan. Seeing Meghan and Ash as a married couple was incredible- they've still got the same sizziling and intense chemistry as before, but now we get to see them in a new light.  Meghan's new found maturity and Ash's de-stress period has made their relationship light, fun, and constantly filled with love (rather than the self-sacrifice, "forbidden" issues they used to have to deal with). I wish we could further follow their journey as parents!

   The published copy of Iron Legends also contains cartoon illustrations of our favourite characters, a Guide to The Iron Fey, and a sneak peak of The Lost Prince!

Favourite Quotes...

I glared at Grimalkin, calmly washing his paws on a nearby rock. "That's just fabulous. And you expect us to kill that things? It's the size of Walmart."
"I hope he doesn't expect us to make a wish on the thing," I continued, as Ash scanned the surroundings, wary and alert as always. "I've learned my lesson, thanks. I'd rather go to tea with Mab than make a wish on something called the Wishing Tree in the middle of the Nevernever."
"You have no idea how relieved I am to finally hear you say that." Ash was still gazing around the clearing, looking solemn apart from the grin in his voice.
"How are you doing this?" I continued, frowning at him. "And if you say 'I am a cat.' I swear I will throw you off this balcony."


""It's our first Elysium together, Ash. They'll be expecting us. Both of us."
He moaned and grabbed another pillow, covering his eyes.
"No playing hooky and insulting the Winter Queen. I'm not doing this by myself." I took the second pillow, tossing it on the floor, and mock-glared at him. "Up."
He regarded me with a wry smile. "You're awfully perky for someone who kept me up all night."
"Hey, you started it remember?"


   Overall The Iron Legends is a must-buy for all Iron Fey fans. Not only is it important for the new series, but it is also a perfect memory lane for all readers that are in desperate need of some Iron Fey love :) The humor is great, the adventures are thrilling, and the romance will have you remembering how much Ash is able to make you swoon *giggles*! A quick and delightful read! Also, be sure to lookout for my review on The Lost Prince later this month!  Have you bought Iron Legends yet? Did you enjoy reading the newest novella, Iron's Prophecy? Be sure to let me know in the comments! Keep Reading!

Your Y.A. Bookworm,
Caitlin <3

Bookworm Note: Forgot to mention how much I hate Puck on this cover...he doesn't even have red hair! Puck NEEDS read hair! *frowny face*


  1. Thanks for the heads up about reading this before The Lost Prince! I loved all the quotes you picked and now I can't wait to read it!
    I'm suffering from Puck withdrawal...

    1. I wanted to make sure that was clear- it was so confusing reading The Lost Prince prior to this novella! I had to stop myself from posting every single awesome quote because there's a lot of them! Hope you enjoy it :)

  2. I completely forgot this came out on Tuesday! Don't know why I was thinking it would be later. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hopefully I can read this soon.

    1. I actually forgot it came on Tuesday too, but when I visited my bookstore 2 weeks ago, they had it on display a few day before the release date so I snatched it up :P

  3. I definitely need to read this soon. I read an ARC of The Lost Prince and barely had any idea on what was going on... Yup, definitely need an Iron Fey marathon and an Iron Prophecy purchase.

    Angie @YA Novelties

    1. That was my problem- there were too many gaps for me to understand! Once I finished this novella though, things started making sense :)


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