Mar 4, 2013

Memory Lane Monday: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Yes, it is that time of the week. The day we dread and wish would never come- Mondays. *Wipes tear* But have no fear, Memory Lane Monday is here! Every Monday, here at TheYABookworm, I'll do a special post called Memory Lane Monday. What's that you ask? Memory Lane Monday is a once-a-week post where I (or any other bloggers that wish to participate)  choose one book that I've previously read to be featured on that day. From the book chosen, I will pick two of my favourite quotes and write a little blurb containing my quick thoughts on the book. The books that I choose will not be books I've reviewed- since I've read so many books, I want to share with you my opinions on ones that I won't get the chance to fully review (because seriously, rereading dozens of books would take a year...or two)! Be sure to participate by leaving your "Memory Lane Monday" in the comments, or a link to your blog post with the hash-tag #YAMemoryLaneMonday on twitter :D

This Week's Memory Lane Monday...
Clockwork Prince By: Cassandra Clare
     In the magical underworld of Victorian London, Tessa Gray has at last found safety with the Shadowhunters. But that safety proves fleeting when rogue forces in the Clave plot to see her protector, Charlotte, replaced as head of the Institute. If Charlotte loses her position, Tessa will be out on the street—and easy prey for the mysterious Magister, who wants to use Tessa’s powers for his own dark ends.                    
     With the help of the handsome, self-destructive Will and the fiercely devoted Jem, Tessa discovers that the Magister’s war on the Shadowhunters is deeply personal. He blames them for a long-ago tragedy that shattered his life. To unravel the secrets of the past, the trio journeys from mist-shrouded Yorkshire to a manor house that holds untold horrors, from the slums of London to an enchanted ballroom where Tessa discovers that the truth of her parentage is more sinister than she had imagined. When they encounter a clockwork demon bearing a warning for Will, they realize that the Magister himself knows their every move—and that one of their own has betrayed them.                                                                                                                                          
     Tessa finds her heart drawn more and more to Jem, though her longing for Will, despite his dark moods, continues to unsettle her. But something is changing in Will—the wall he has built around himself is crumbling. Could finding the Magister free Will from his secrets and give Tessa the answers about who she is and what she was born to do?          
     As their dangerous search for the Magister and the truth leads the friends into peril, Tessa learns that when love and lies are mixed, they can corrupt even the purest heart.
Top Two Favourite Quotes...
#1 “Ah,” said a voice from the doorway, “having your annual ‘everyone thinks Will is a lunatic’ meeting, are you? 
“It’s biannual,” said Jem. “And no, this is not that meeting.”

#2 “He bent to put his cheek against hers. His breath against her ear made her shudder with each deliberately spoken word. "I have wanted to do this," he said, "every moment of every hour of every day that I have been with you since the day I met you.” 

     Some of you may have noticed I haven't been keeping up with Memory Lane Monday this past month or so *sob* I was really busy at the end of January and had a hard time catching up with blog stuff in February, but it's a new month and I'm ready to get back on track! I decided to get back into things with Clockwork Prince because in only fourteen days Clockwork Princess comes out! ....I'm trying really hard to contain my excitement! =D

     Although it's been quite some time since I read Clockwork Prince...the pain I felt towards the end of this novel still haunts me to this day. :'(  For you to understand this pain, you have to first know that I'm TEAM WILL ALL THE WAY (sorry for the caps...but it is the only way to express my love)! Just as the possibility of a Will and Tessa duo becomes more and more likely...JEM suddenly decides to become all "sexy-and-passionate" with Tessa (I don't have to remind anyone about the Dirty Sexy Bedroom Scene, right?). I like Jem and's Will guys! And when I think of Will, I start to think about Ed Westwick, and when I think of Ed Westwick.... major internal swooning starts to happen!

     Aside from the agonizing direction the love triangle took, Clockwork Prince, like all of Cassandra Clare's books, was an addicting read that had a great plot! One of the things I especially love about this series is how it connects with the Mortal Instruments in a way that makes you giddy when you discover  a fact or see a character that you recognize from the "future." It makes the Shadowhunter world seem so large, with lots of history! 

     I'm both really excited and really sad for the release of Clockwork Princess. Although I'm going to love the moment when I can finally pet that stunning cover, I just don't know how I'm going to be able to say goodbye all of this series' characters. Are you excited for Clockwork Princess?! What did you think about that ending? Keep Reading!

Your Y.A. Bookworm,
Caitlin <3


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  2. Love this series! Just finished the second book and almost done with the 3rd. Cool thing about the third is that it's signed!

    monique of Seattle Collision

    1. Oh your so lucky! If I had a signed copy, I'd get a spotlight and a special case for it, lol :P

      Hope your loving book three!


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