Oct 31, 2013

Happy HallowRead!

Leaves are falling, pumpkins are being carved and our willpower against sugary treats is being tested! There's only one thing that all of this could mean-- it's Halloween (or as we'll be calling it, HallowREAD)! The only way for bookworms like us to get into the spooky spirit is to read our favourite, most creepy books that should never be read in the dark! As we count down to one of the most anticipated nights of the year, each day I will be posting either a spooky, eerie, or super-natural type excerpt that makes scurrying under the covers seem like not such a bad idea!   

My challenge for you: read a novel (or two!) that helps you get into the Halloween spirit and/or share your most scary bookish moments on your blog or in the comments below! It'll be a week full of creepiness, books and a GIVEAWAY that will give TWO of you the opportunity to win one of the seven books featured throughout the week! Stay updated on all of the fun using the hashtag #YAHallowRead on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!   

As the night owls would say, It's going to be a real HOOT :) !

Happy HallowRead everyone! Since today is officially Halloween, this means today's excerpt will be the last "spooky-ish" excerpt posted! Today is also the last day you have to enter the giveaway so be sure to get your entries in before midnight! 

The final HallowRead excerpt comes from THE HOLLOW by Jessica Verday...

The sun was peeking out from under a cloud, valiantly trying to make its way through the rain. A shaft of light hit the side of the casket and changed it from an ordinary, dull shade into a starburst. Every shiny fleck of paint was momentarily illuminated, showing the true colour of the casket to be a vibrant blood red, and I smiled. Red was her favourite colour.

Then the sun disappeared.

I reached out and touched the casket lid. It was cold. So cold that I immediately snatched my hand away. It almost felt like it had burned me.

I just stood there. I couldn't bring myself to say anything...not out loud, at least. But a thousand thoughts raged inside my head, while a thousand feelings raged inside my heart.

The weather mimicked my emotions. A fierce wind rattled by, howling in outrage. The edges of plastic awning flapped angrily against the aluminum poles holding it up and made a horrible ringing sound. Even the rain pounded harder, lashing out its bitterness.

And that was when I felt someone watching me.
Two winners will each get to choose which book out of the seven featured during the week they'd like to receive as a prize.

Contest open internationally as long as the Book Depository ships to you (Not sure? Check here)!

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