Jan 29, 2014

My First YouTube Video!

Hello bookworms! It feels good to finally be back!

I just finished writing my last exam this morning and I'm so giddy about the fact that I get a break from school for the rest of the week! Woohoo! I was in such a good mood yesterday that I decided to film my first YouTube video-- a book haul! Currently, I'm planning on getting a video up at least once a week and have it geared towards bookish things but.....that could change as I start getting more videos up!

Over the next few days I'll be working hard to get some more posts prepared that I've been slacking on and hopefully everything will be business as usual by Monday.....again, hopefully :P

Be sure to go over and click the subscribe button if you get the chance so you won't miss new videos! :)

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Your Y.A. Bookworm,


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