Oct 28, 2014

HallowRead Day Two!

I honestly can't believe it's been a year since HallowRead 2013 happened! How crazy is that?!?! I had so much fun doing HallowRead last year so it's exciting to be doing it again. 

If you're new here then here's what you need to know: For five days I will be posting some spooky/creepy/Halloween-esque scenes from various YA books. The objective behind this is to get all bookworms out there in the Halloween spirit!  There's also a giveaway going on that you can enter at the bottom of this post :)

Today's HallowRead excerpt comes from...
The Queen of Zombie Hearts

We hit the bottom and turned the corner. And there they were, an extension of the greater enemy. I took stock. At least a hundred sets of blood-red eyes watched us. Each zombie had sagging, paper-thin skin that was grayer  than I was used to seeing. Not a single creature had a full set of hair, and very few had more than a handful of strands. They were older, then. Stronger.

Time to catch a few butterflies.



  1. Thank you for the giveaway my american twin! Can wait for The Queen Of Zombie hearts to be published in France! :)

    1. My pleasure! (Btw, I'm technically your Canadian twin, haha)!

      Ohhh, when does it come out in France??

    2. Oups! Sorry my Canadian-and-not-american-twin. We don't know yet when it will come out in France... I'm thinking about buying it in english but I'm not sure it will match on my shelf... Yep, I'm superficial like that :p


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