Oct 31, 2014

Happy HallowRead!!

I honestly can't believe it's been a year since HallowRead 2013 happened! How crazy is that?!?! I had so much fun doing HallowRead last year so it's exciting to be doing it again. 

If you're new here then here's what you need to know: For five days I will be posting some spooky/creepy/Halloween-esque scenes from various YA books. The objective behind this is to get all bookworms out there in the Halloween spirit!  There's also a giveaway going on that you can enter at the bottom of this post !


Today's HallowRead excerpt comes from...
Cryer's Cross

She turns to Nico's desk, more prepared today for him to not be there.  It still feels awful.  She moves the desk slightly, lovingly, to line it up with hers.  Runs her fingers across it, tentatively.  Lifts the lid and looks inside, but there's nothing in there anymore, so she closes it again.  It's so cold and stark.  Empty.  She reads the graffiti, but it all means something different this time with him gone.  It's Nico's desk, but there's something unusual, something niggling at the back of her mind that she can't quite figure out.

And then she realizes what it is.  A new phrase etched into the top of the desk, but it doesn't look new.  It looks ten or twenty or fifty years old, like all the other graffiti.  Kendall leans to the right to get a closer look.  Definitely not a fresh one.  If Nico had done it, it wouldn't look so smooth.

Ms.Hinkler begins class by passing out papers.  Kendall glances around to make sure she's not acting too weird, and then she leans over again.  It's near the center of his desk, and it says, without a doubt:

Save Me.
-Cryer;s Cross, page 104


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