May 16, 2015

The Twilight Saga! #SeriesRewind

LOVING my golden eyes and fangs :P
     Hey guys! Those of you have been following my blog for over a year may remember a weekly feature I did on here called Memory Lane, I'm happy to launch a similar type of series on my booktube channel with a new name: #SeriesRewind!

     I really enjoy taking the time to revisit older books (especially ones that have been as influential on my life as The Twilight Saga).  I had so much fun filming this video and looking back on all of the Twilight merchandise I've accumulated over the years... WOW, was I obsessed! #TeamEdwardFOREVER

I hope you guys enjoy the video....xoxo


  1. Twilight has never been one of my favorite series, but I think it's really cool how it's touched so many people's lives! I feel like that's Harry Potter for me!

  2. This was fantastic ha! I think Twilight started a lot of things for many of us :) #noshame


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