May 16, 2016

A Court of Mist And Fury REVIEW

A Court of Mist and Fury (Book #2)
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children
Pages: 640
Rating: 5/5
Feyre survived Amarantha's clutches to return to the Spring Court—but at a steep cost. Though she now has the powers of the High Fae, her heart remains human, and it can't forget the terrible deeds she performed to save Tamlin's people.                                                                   
Nor has Feyre forgotten her bargain with Rhysand, High Lord of the feared Night Court. As Feyre navigates its dark web of politics, passion, and dazzling power, a greater evil looms—and she might be key to stopping it. But only if she can harness her harrowing gifts, heal her fractured soul, and decide how she wishes to shape her future—and the future of a world cleaved in two.                                                                                                          
With more than a million copies sold of her beloved Throne of Glass series, Sarah J. Maas's masterful storytelling brings this second book in her seductive and action-packed series to new heights.

Missed book one? Check out my non-spoiler review HERE!

Non-Spoiler Video Review




Going into this book, I was a huge Feyre and Tamlin supporter but MAN DID THAT CHANGE! I had discussed in my review for the first novel that I wasn't looking forward to a possible love triangle, however after seeing how different the dynamic between Feyre and Tamlin was, I completely saw how the romantic storyline had to take a different path. I found myself very frequently wanting to strangle Tamlin for trying to keep Feyre in the dark for her safety...their relationship slowly but surely seemed to be airing on the unhealthy side. I was proud to see Feyre leave him.

RHYSAND! Oh my god, my dear Rhysand! I was not a Rhysand fan in book one but I LOVED the chemistry him and Feyre had in this book! Unlike Tamlin and Feyre, Rhysand and Feyre felt like a team...a perhaps, at first, slightly dysfunctional team, but still a team.  It was nice that the two of them didn't officially get together until later on in the novel-- the build up added some nice angst to them. AND THE FACT THAT THEY'RE MATED?! Stop! I couldn't handle that! I can't believe how much I loved them together...seriously, the first time they got together *cough cough* was too steamy for me to handle. I also enjoyed seeing more of the Rhysand's court, his friends, and getting to know a different side of him (I mean, how could you not feel for the guy after hearing more about his history with Tamlin).

In the video above, I briefly touched on the new POV we got to read through towards the end of much did you love that fact that it was Rhysand's POV we got to read from?! When the showdown with Tamlin, Rhysand and Feyre happened, I was upset because I thought Feyre and Rhysand's bond had been broken but THANKFULLY it was just the "Persephone-Hades-ish deal" that got broken.  I was caught of guard when Rhysand revealed that he and Feyre secretly made Feyre the High Lady of the Night Court! How perfect is this? Tamlin thinks their mating bond was broken and now the High Priestess of another court is in his court?! Sneaky, sneaky. I like it. 

Going into book three, I think it will be interesting to see how Feyre approaches Tamlin now that she's in his court and he believes there's hope for them.  I'm also curious to see what Tamlin's response will be to finding out Feyre's new title; I don't think I want to see Tamlin destroyed or anything because I honestly do sympathize with him a bit. In addition, I'm also curious to see Feyre use more of her powers.

I could go on and on but I'll leave it at that.  Sarah J. Maas, I bow down to you. A Court of Mist and Fury is definitely my favourite book of 2016 so far! What are your thoughts on ACOMAF?! Let me know in the comments below! Keep Reading!

Your Y.A. Bookworm Blogger,
Caitlin <3


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