May 3, 2012

Ascend by Amanda Hocking

Author: Amanda Hocking
Publisher: St.Martin's Griffin
Pages: 336
Rating: 2/5

   Having assumed her rightful place as the Trylle Queen, Wendy Everly must save everyone she loves—and the kingdom she’s fought so hard for—from her cruel Vittra rivals.  Oren’s immortality renders him nearly impossible to defeat, and if he can’t have Wendy’s power for his own, he’s determined to destroy her and her friends…including Finn and Loki.  As Wendy faces her toughest enemy yet, she’s also forced to make the ultimate choice—who to love for the rest of her life.  Everything has been leading up to this moment, and now it’s all coming to a finish.  Don’t miss the final chapter in the Trylle trilogy, an epic finale that will leave you breathless!

   As a special gift to readers, this book contains a new, never-before-published bonus story, “Ever After,” set in the magical world of the Trylle.

   Ascend is the third and final installment in Amanda Hocking's Trylle trilogy. If you've read my review for Switched and Torn, you'll know that I definitely liked Switched better than Torn. When I got Ascend I was a little worried. I have to say that I'm very confused on the feelings I have towards this book. *Please be aware that there are spoilers in this review*

   Ascend is definitely a book that fellow bookworms will either love or hate. Why? For one reason only- the love triangle. (Although, I don't even know if you can call it a love triangle because it seems that for the past two books, Finn has been completely ignored.) Wendy ending up with Loki made no sense to me. I really can't stand the fact that in Switched (where Loki wasn't even involved) Wendy was all "Oh Finn....I love Finn....Can't live without Finn" and then did a complete 180 when she met Loki. I'm actually kind of pissed. I spent all of book one attaching myself to the Wendy-Finn duo and I could not shake it. I was POSITIVE Hocking would put these two together. The way the "final decision" was made, also kind of boggles my mind. First of all, Wendy cheated on Tove, what, within a few days of being married? Oh yeah, that's loyalty to the guy she apparently "respected." Two, I really hated how Wendy blamed Finn for "not going after her" as a reason for choosing Loki. Finn was trying to do what was best for her. THAT Wendy, is love. And lastly, the last conversation Wendy and Finn had was just pathetic. I couldn't believe the way Hocking finished their relationship. 

   That being said (and yeah, I know I said a lot) I was both frustrated and happy with the ending (ending meaning the epilogue and extra bonus story). I found it sweet that everyone was happy and that Wendy had her own child. But it was also maddening to see that, in a year, Finn was engaged, Wendy and Loki were married with a kid, and, and, UGHHH. Yes the ending was sweet but it was NOT the ending I wanted or even understood. Just...ughhh.....

   On a more positive note, I loved seeing Wendy in charge. My favourite parts in the book were when Wendy was taking command and acting as a true Queen. Her character has really grown in the past couple of books, and it is very apparent in Ascend.

   Also, seeing Wendy and Elora develop a more mother-daughter relationship was really heart-warming. I found myself just as upset as Wendy was when Elora finally passed. Seeing the nicer side of Elora, and seeing her true feelings for her daughter made me fall in love with her character.

Favourite Quotes...

“Everything’s not exactly the way it seems ” I said. 
“It seemed like you had your tongue down his throat ” Finn glared at us both. 
“Well then everything is exactly as it seems ” Loki said glibly.” 
-Wendy, Finn, and Loki


“Wendy ” Finn shouted pulling me from my moment with Loki. “What are you doing You’re married And not to him ” 
“Nothing slips by you does it ” Loki asked.” 
-Finn and Loki


     Overall, I was extremely disappointed with Ascend. Because the love triangle is such a dominate part of the book, it's hard to look past it. The ending, in all, seemed like a sloppy and disappointing attempt on Hocking's part to try and surprise readers. I truly believe that Wendy made the wrong choice- and I know there are others that agree with me. What are your thoughts on Ascend? Were you happy to see Wendy end up with Loki or crushed to see she didn't choose Finn. Until next time, keep reading!

Your Y.A. Bookworm,
Caitlin <3

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  1. I most certainly agree....Finn and Wendy were the couple made in heaven. I was flipping through every page thinking this is when they reunite until they made the final decision which left me completely devastated. I won't say I hate Loki or anything but Finn was Wendy's perfect match her equal. I was obsessed with Finn-Wendy relationship ever since the first book and it really hit me hard in ascend. The love triangle is a dominate part of the book and one of the major reasons that made me dislike it.

    1. Yeah, even after all this time, I still am unable to come to terms with the final decision.....and you're right-- because the love triangle is such a dominate part of the series, it's hard to look past it :(

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