Review Policy

If you are a publisher or published/self published author that would like me to do a review for your book, you can contact me at I will only accept books classified as Young Adult Fiction and New Adult Fiction (although fewer NA requests will be accepted)

My favourite genres include:

      • Romance (even a little bit will keep me interested)
      • Paranormal
      • Contemporary
      • Dystopian

   Please note that if a book is accepted for reviewing purposes, it simply means your book will be considered for review; reviews will only be committed to if the review is for a blog tour or other promotional campaigns.  Although I do prefer receiving physical copies, I will also accept books/ARCs in e-book format.

   Reviews will always be posted here at The Y.A. Bookworm Blogger and/or on my BookTube channel.  If you are interested in sending me a sequel then I might require the previous book(s) if I am unfamiliar with the series. Please also be aware that I review all books with my honest opinionmeaning your book is not guaranteed to be given a five star review.  Here is my rating system:

5/5 - Loved, loved, loved it! Go out and buy it RIGHT now!
4/5- Really liked it, but there were a few "ehhhs"
3/5- Liked it, could have been a bit better...
2/5- I didn't like it but it had a few things I enjoyed.
1/5- Hated it- don't even bother!
     Thank-you for taking the time to read my review policy, I would be more than happy to hear from you. 

Due to the amount of review request I've been receiving, it is impossible for me to respond to every request. If you have sent a request and have not received a response within two weeks, then I probably am unable to review your novel. Feel free to re-send your email after this time if you feel as if I have not received your request. Thank you once again for considering me to review your book!
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