Oct 13, 2012

Such A Rush By: Jennifer Echols Review

Such A Rush
Author: Jennifer Echols
Publisher: MTV Books
Pages: 336
Rating: 5/5
When I was fourteen, I made a decision. If I was doomed to live in a trailer park next to an airport, I could complain about the smell of the jet fuel like my mom, I could drink myself to death over the noise like everybody else, or I could learn to fly.                                                                                        
Heaven Beach, South Carolina, is anything but, if you live at the low-rent end of town. All her life, Leah Jones has been the grown-up in her family, while her mother moves from boyfriend to boyfriend, letting any available money slip out of her hands. At school, they may diss Leah as trash, but she’s the one who negotiates with the landlord when the rent’s not paid. At fourteen, she’s the one who gets a job at the nearby airstrip.                                                                                                                
But there’s one way Leah can escape reality. Saving every penny she can, she begs quiet Mr. Hall, who runs an aerial banner-advertising business at the airstrip and also offers flight lessons, to take her up just once. Leaving the trailer park far beneath her and swooping out over the sea is a rush greater than anything she’s ever experienced, and when Mr. Hall offers to give her cut-rate flight lessons, she feels ready to touch the sky.
By the time she’s a high school senior, Leah has become a good enough pilot that Mr. Hall offers her a job flying a banner plane. It seems like a dream come true . . . but turns out to be just as fleeting as any dream. Mr. Hall dies suddenly, leaving everything he owned in the hands of his teenage sons: golden boy Alec and adrenaline junkie Grayson. And they’re determined to keep the banner planes flying.                                                                       
Though Leah has crushed on Grayson for years, she’s leery of getting involved in what now seems like a doomed business—until Grayson betrays her by digging up her most damning secret. Holding it over her head, he forces her to fly for secret reasons of his own, reasons involving Alec. Now Leah finds herself drawn into a battle between brothers—and the consequences could be deadly.

     Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols was probably one of my favourite reads of the summer- it was right up there with Pushing The Limits By: Katie McGarry! I have been a huge fan of Jennifer Echols for quite some time now! I have read many of  her Y.A. Contemporary novels and have adored every single one of them. Jennifer has a way of combining absolutely addicting romances with the drama every day life brings- it's a deadly combo that I can't seem to get enough of!

     Leah might be one of my favourite human heroines I have ever read about! She's got this strength within her that I absolutely envy, while also possessing this vulnerable side that she rarely exposes. If that wasn't reason enough to love her, Leah is also a pilot (I found it completely bad-ass seeing Leah flying amongst guys that underestimated her *cheers for girl power*)! What I probably loved most about Leah was how much growth I saw in her character from start to finish! It seriously brings a tear to my eye when I think about how the events Leah is forced to go through really change her :')

     Now to the juicy stuff- le romance! Let me start off by saying that I am a complete supporter for team Leah and Grayson! The chemistry between these two characters is unbelievably hot- there's this love-hate aspect to their interactions that is simply addicting =D Since Leah spends a majority of the book dating Alec (*boo*) "things" only start happening between Leah and Grayson towards the end of the novel. Luckily, this didn't make me too upset because Jennifer Echols makes up for the wait by providing lots of swoon-worthy scenes that had me wishing for a sequel (preferably one filled with Leah and Grayson being all cute and couple-y =) 

     I also ended up liking a lot of the secondary characters in this book. Molly, Alec, and Mr.Hall were all really great- I especially adored the father-daughter relationship Leah and Mr.Hall had! In addition, I really loved how sweet the ending was. Jennifer is really good had finishing off her stand-alone novels in way that leaves you both satisfied and desperate for more- I feel like Leah's story has just begun, and I get to dream up how it ends !

Favourite Quotes...

“When I’m with you," he began again, "it’s like… I still don’t feel normal. But I can see normal at twelve o’clock on the horizon." He pointed past me, through the windshield of an imaginary airplane. "At least I know normal is still out there. I’ve spent the last three months not sure of that at all.” 
"And why was I the boyfriend you picked?"
"It's easier to remember your lies if they're close to the truth," I whispered. "Wishful thinking."

“Men always do that to women when they feel threatened. They tell everybody the woman must be giving out blow jobs because there’s no way she could be successful otherwise.” 


     Overall, Such A Rush is another fabulous read from Jennifer Echols (or as I like to call her, the Queen of Y.A. Romance)! Although I finished this book way back in August, I still find myself re-reading my favourite parts!  Have you read Such A Rush yet? What did you think about Leah and Grayson's relationship? Be sure to let me know in the comments! Keep Reading!

Your Y.A. Bookworm,
Caitlin <3


  1. I need to read "Pushing the Limits" and "Such a Rush"! It seems to be the favorites of contemporary readers and beyond nowadays, along with "Speechless".

    1. I have yet to read Speechless, but I've heard some great things! I really hope you get a chance to read Pushing The Limits and Such A Rush soon- they're really amazing Y.A. contemporary novels =D

  2. Great review! Haven't read this one but it's on my list! Thanks! :D

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