Dec 14, 2012

12 Days of Bookmas {Day #1} + GIVEAWAY

It’s that time of year again, a time filled with snow, decorations, trees and busy malls! With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season going on around us, it’s easy to forget what’s truly important- Bookmas! So, to help us prepare  and count down to this special holiday that is coming our way, I will be going through the 12 Days of Bookmas! What’s that you ask? Each and every day, until December 25th, I will be completing a special Bookmas task that will showcase some of my “Bookworm Favourites!” Your job? To read, comment, and spread Bookmas cheer by telling your friends and sharing Bookmas posts on facebook and twitter using the hashtag #12DAYSofBOOKMAS ! Merry Bookmas to all, and to all good reading!
{Bookmas Day #1}
On the first day of Bookmas my fictional boyfriend sent to me,
A swoon worthy scene for me!

Task: Pick one swoon-derful scene that will make your readers faint!
Today's task is inspired by YABound's Swoon Thursday meme! I saved this book specifically for today....

....I'm having a hard time narrowing it down to just ONE swoon....
....AHA *evil laugh*...

I pulled back, drawing in a deep breath. Our eyes locked. A wealth of emotion shone in his brilliant green eyes. He cupped my cheek with one hand tenderly, and he spoke in his lovely language. It sounded like three lyrical words- a short, beautiful verse.

"What did you say?"I asked, my fingers loosening around the cover.

His smile was secretive and then his lips were on mine again and my eyes drifted shut. I let go of the blanket, felt it slip away, pool around my hips, and I felt Daemon stop breathing for a moment.

He guided me back, and I wrapped my arms around him. We kissed for what felt like an eternity and that wasn't long enough. I could keep going, never stop, because in that moment, we created a world where nothing else existed. We lost ourselves in each other for a while and time, it sped and crept by in the same instance. We kissed until I was breathless, pausing only to explore each other. My body arched against his and when I moaned, he stilled.

He lifted his head but said nothing. Stared for so long and so hard that every point in my body seemed stretched too far. My chest squeezed. I reached up, placing my trembling hands on his cheek.

His hand dipped against my cheek, and his voice was rough and raw. "Tell me to stop and I will."

I wasn't going to. Not now. Not after everything. There was nothing to deny anymore, and my answer was to kiss him, and without words, he understood....

{Bookmas Giveaway}
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Check back tomorrow for Bookmas Day #2 ! *raises roof* Merry Bookmas!

Your Y.A. Bookworm,
Caitlin <3


  1. That is totally a swoon-derful (seriously, I am totally adopting that word!) scene. I need Origin - right now! The ending to Opal - ahhhh!

    1. LOL ! Ughh, I know! I'm in desperate need for ORIGIN !!

  2. harry potter, lord of the rings, hunger games, and the uglies series.

    1. Haven't read the uglies series yet, but that's a great line up!

  3. Daemon has my number with all of his scenes. I love them

    1. Daemon is truly from out of this world-- even for fiction standards !


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