Jan 27, 2013

Alyxandria Spotted! {Angelfire Media Story}

Today is The Y.A. Bookworm Blogger's stop on the ANGELFIRE 'Media Story' hop! I haven't yet reviewed this book but I will be later in March :)
About Angelfire:
Angelfire (Dark Angel #1) by Hanna Peach
Title: Angelfire
Series: Dark Angel
Author: Hanna Peach
Available: November 22, 2012
Format: E-book
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Length: ~90,000 words
Review formats: .Mobi, .ePUB, .PDF

An army of angels walk among us. They have kept us safe and ignorant, so far.

Earthbound for centuries and ruled by the Elders, they have established hidden cities, a society and The Code: obey your Elders, kill all demons, eliminate Rogue- angels, protect the mortals, remain hidden. Their warriors are the ungifted earthborn angels armed with blades and the ‘borrowed magics’ of distilled angel-blood tattoos.
Alyxandria is a young warrior with a fondness for customized knives and illegal night-races. If only she could overcome the taint of her parents who abandoned her to become Rogues.

When Alyx saves Israel, a gifted mortal with a past, she is forbidden to see him again. But she can’t help herself, drawn to him through their Guardian-bond, an ancient and long-forgotten bond; if he dies, she dies.

An encounter with a handsome Rogue leaves Alyx questioning all she has been taught to believe. Alyx begins to dig into the Elders’ secrets. Two thousand years of secrets that begin with the death of the Archangel Raphael. She is not prepared when she uncovers an Elder’s dark plan.

Somewhere on earth is a key to unlock hell. Somewhere on earth are pieces of an amulet that controls Lucifer and his army. Somehow Israel is the link and now both sides are after him. Who can Alyx trust when Good and Evil is no longer clear?
The war for earth begins.

Tomorrow's stop will be at The Book Queen! You can check out the other stops on the Angelfire Media Story Tour, HERE! The tour will stop here once again on February 3, 2013! Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the book in the comments below! Keep Reading!

Your Y.A. Bookworm,
Caitlin <3


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