Jan 19, 2013

Incendiary By: Amy A. Bartol Blog Tour {Review & Excerpt}


Author: Amy A. Bartol
Pages: 460
Rating: 4/5

     Cold, fine drops of rain fall softly on my cheeks as I emerge from the darkness of the ship's interior to the gray, overcast sky of the main deck. Pulling my dark pea coat tighter to my body, the wind lifts red tendrils of my hair. I walk slowly to the railing overlooking the water.                        
     I catch my first sight of the Irish coastline; its craggy landscape makes me shiver in dread. I find it difficult to imagine now how the Gancanagh had made this their home for so long without anyone realizing it. The cold, moss-covered edifices practically scream their presence. As I study the shadows between the falling-down stone, I imagine creeping shapes of undead Faeries grasping the rock, waiting for our ship to draw nearer to their position.                 
     Tipping my face up, I let the rain wash over me. It bathes away the frigid sweat of fear that has broken on my brow. "You don't know how fiercely beautiful you are, do you?" A quiet voice behind me asks, causing me to stiffen and fix my eyes on the rocks along the shoreline.

     Incendiary is the fourth instalment in the Premonition series by Amy A. Bartol. Now, I have to shamlessly admit that I have not yet reviewed the first three books in the series *ducks from flying tomatoes* *waves white flag* I swear, I wanted to sit down and express my absolute LOVE for the series, but it's hard putting so much mushy-gusy fangirl adoration into words! But I will try, and then work on getting my review for the first three books up, pinky promise! If you haven't read the first three books in the series then I recommend you don't read on.

     I really loved how Incendiary got right into the action bookworms like me crave when reading. Even though I read all four books all at the same time, I think those who had to wait or those who don't immediately read Incendiary after Indebted would be able to get into the story really quickly!

     You ask me what's my favourite part of any book, my answer will 90% of the time be, "THE ROMANCE!" This answer definitely still applies to not only Incendiary, but the entire series as a whole! I have developed a little bit of an  obsession with Evie and Reed's relationship! I am convinced they are absolutely perfect together (and I'm not just saying that because Reed is bloody gorgeous..no...not at all )! Giggling, blushing and squealing is a frequent occurrence whenever I'm reading about the two of them together, especially during their more intimate parts where Reed will spill out a line that makes me swoon into a puddle of goo on the floor! I can't handle such perfection!

     Gushiness aside, I did have one problem with this book that is concerning me just a bit going forward. As well all know, in the previous three books there has been a love triangle between Evie, Reed, and Russel. For three books I've been internally yelling at Russel. I don't care if Evie is his soul mate or not-- Evie and Reed belong together and Russel was an annoying third wheel to me (Don't even get me started on Brennus) In Incendiary, Russel finally (expectantly) finds someone new and I actually started to like him!  I was happy, Reed and Evie were happy, and yes even Russel was happy....but of course....someone had to come in and ruin the tranquility, and that someone goes by the name of Xavier *creates anti-Xavier signs* *starts protest*  Guess what? Xavier has some creepy angel bond to Evie and claims him and her are longtime lovers and they belong together! So now, Evie has an aspire, a soul mate, a creepy vampire stalker that claims he's in love with her AND an angel?! This is where the "I'm concerned" part comes into play-- it seems as if every male character in this book is in love with Evie, and that Evie has feelings (both big and small) for them all as well! I'm starting to get a bit tired of everyone being so infatuated with this girl- don't get me wrong, I love her character, but I just find her ties to these boys is on the verge of being annoying, especially since she makes it clear that she wants to be with Reed..so why do we have to constantly hear about her feelings for these other guys?! 

     One of my favourite parts about this series is the fact that it has such strong secondary characters! Zephyr, Buns and Brownie not only make me interested in one day reading through their POV's (something I don't say often about secondary characters in novels) but they also have made me laugh so much! Their dedication and friendship to both Evie and Reed is so heartwarming, while hearing Buns and Zephyr flirt is so incredibly sweet in the hottest of ways! I'm a huge fan of this trio!

Favourite Quotes...

"You think I'm scary?" Zephyr asks, his amazing blue eyes shining.
"Uh-huh," Buns says, nodding her honey-blond head, "Super scary."
"Alright, save the bedroom talk for later," Brownie says, rolling her eyes.


"The most fortunate day of my life," my voice falters and I have to pause before continuing "was when I stumbled across you, Evie. I need you to stay with me...please...I will love you every day until my last. I promise you that I will."


Smiling sleepily, I sigh almost inaudibly the word, "Hungry," as I stretch out my limbs.
Tossing the book on the bedside table, Reed says, "Me, too," and begins nibbling on my neck....


     Overall Incendiary once again proved why I love this series so much!! I'm desperate to have the next book, Iniquity, in my hands ASAP ! Although there's not a huge cliffhanger at the end of Incendiary, the preview we get to book five destroyed my content with the ending and made me go in to full-blow "Bookworm Desperation" mode! 

Evie stirs in my arms; her chin tilts up and brushes against my cheek. Butterflies stir too, increasing at her simple touch. My fingers tighten on her hip as I react to the attraction between us. Her heart begins to sing to me, the Siren’s song that’s calling me to shipwreck. I go to it willingly. When her lips meet mine, I know I’m lost, I’m found—I’m home.                                                                                                                                           
     Something between a groan and a growl comes from me as she shifts in my arms, straddling my hips. The black silk of her dress rides up her thighs as my hands caress her bare skin. She presses herself to me and the feeling of silk touching my chest is a thousand times more exquisite since being healed. My hand slowly moves up her, past the perfect curve of her hip, up her back to her shoulder. Water continues to pour on us as I slip the dark strap of her dress away from her.                                                                                      
     When my mouth touches her shoulder, her hands slip into my hair and tighten. It does something to me. I reach up and grasp her dress, rending it in half and pulling it from her. The only thing that comes between us now are what’s left of my jeans and a flimsy, lacy square of material that attempts to pass as her undergarment. I correct that with a soft tug to the delicate fabric that clings to her hips. Evie’s sultry red wings spread wide as the lace square falls away from her and is tossed to the corner of the shower.                                                                                    
     She reaches down and pops the button on my ragged denim. As I stand up with her in my arms, the heavy, water-drenched fabric shrugs from my hips. I hold Evie as her lissome legs wrap around my waist. Her wet skin against mine is more sensual than the silk of her dress had been. The muscles in my abdomen tighten as my need for her grows.


What did you think about Incendiary? Whose team are you on? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Your Y.A. Bookworm,
Caitlin <3

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  1. I love this series too! I haven't read Incendiary yet but it's not far from the top of my list. Loved your review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and that sexy excerpt.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

    PS. I'm team Reed all the way.

    1. Incendiary is just absolutely awesome-- and awesomely sexy ! ;) Glad to see your Team Reed as well, because honestly, how can you not be?!

  2. I soooo want to read this series! Thanks for a great review! I need to move this one up on my TBR pile. :)

    1. You definitely should! I devoured all four books in no time at all !! =)

  3. I soooo love the Premonition series. I really liked Evie in first three books, she was a total badass, made her own decisions and didn`t let nobody walk all over her even when she was with Brennus. But in the fourth I got a feeling she gave up when her father showed up and I really didn´t like it, it kind of ruined the book for me =( Towards the end of the book she finnaly woke up and started getting her don´t-bullshit-me attitude so I really look forward for the next book....=D
    About the guys - I get what you´re saying there are a lot of them =) but I kind of like them all Brennus in his psycho lovable way, Russel in his sweet, puppy love and Reed...yeah well because he is Reed...=) I find it interesting that Evie has feelings for all of them it makes a difference between all the other YA book out there, especially her messed up relationship with Brennus. But I have to say Xavier is just toooooo creepy, like nooooo, go home with daddy dearest (btw don´t like him at all) and leave us alone =)
    I am team Russel <3 I almost always fall for the best friend, "the second guy" even though I like Evie and Reed as a couple much more...she can have him and I´ll take Russel, it is a win-win =) I like that Anya came, because I need a HEA for my guy =D

    1. I know what you mean about Evie ! Throughout the entire series she both frustrates me and makes me fall in love with her at the same time :P

      As for the "multiple male situation," I guess if anything it makes the plot unique, but I find it a little overboard (and I'll admit, it's primarily because of Xavier...he comes into the picture all "Evie, I am your angel, muah muah muah, let me kiss you and love you" and I'm like, "Oh my gerd, is this boy serious? *slams head on book*)!! Brennus, although good looking *raises roof* is a little wacko in my mind. A lot of people absolutely love him but I always end up cringing whenever he's trying to seduce Evie !

      Having Russel find Anya was one things that made me especially happy while reading Incendiary ! I'm a huge fan of the two of them as a couple, and having the language barrier between them made their brewing relationship really funny and frustrating beyond belief !

      One thing is for sure....I really need book five, like yesterday :P !

  4. Thank you for the lovely review, Caitlin! <3

    1. Your welcome Amy! Thank-you for stopping by AND writing such an amazing series =) !!

  5. I have to agree with you with the anti-Russell thing on the first three books. It's quite annoying because really, It just have to be Reed for Evie. And yes, I'm pissed with Xavier too! haha, I've come to like Brennus a little but no, I still don't think he should still be in the picture. I am so curious with the "thing" of the past between Evie and Xavier, that's why I am so looking forward for Iniquity. All in all, I truly love the Premonition series of Amy A. Bartol and this fourth installment is really beautiful. 5 out of 5 stars from me! And oh Caitlin, this is quite a review! Keep it up! All for the love of books and being a self-confessed bookworm! <3

    1. Thank-you! I'm really excited to see how the series finishes off in Inquity too! Hopefully there isn't TOO much back and forth male love coming from Evie though!

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